Features that make it Simple

Koha satisfies all type of functional requirements of a library management system. It is all featured MARC based integrated library management system and is customized to suit the needs of libraries.

Acquisition management: helping a library keep track of new print and digital facility to the collection because of the latest koha version available in this Vlib.in.

Catalog, fee collection and circulation management control by Vlib.in koha library automation software.

SaaS is the category of cloud computing, alongside infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) both are provided by koha librarian guide and that's in Vlib.in

Barcode scanning facility provides libraries using koha.

The books subject-wise to classify.

To make a record of book name, author name, publisher's name, cost, publication date, bill number, purchasing date.

To make easily check-in and check-out.

To Calculate fine for late return automatically.

Easy to know how many books are issued, to a person or student.

Easy and completely cloud-based library management system.

Some Important Points to be noted

The first is a non technical method which requires the use of adware removal software. Download free adware and spyware removal software and use advanced tools getting infected.

To search
a book by different

Koha library management system is the full-featured ILS, multilingual and translatable and full-text searching


Serials management: keeping track of the serials in the library. Keep a record of separate categories like books, journals, newspapers, magazines, entry, issue books, register book, etc.


Software as a service means Saas is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications that's Vlib.in for a library, and to make available for customers over the Internet that's work is done by Vlib.in.


For the librarian event calendar available.