Our Service

Technical support

Technical support is provided by our Vlib team by call, email, and chat.

Service to maintain

Vlib maintains your software with timely provide service.

Training & Certification

The right training is the best and requires work in the digital library management system.

24/7 Support

There is always a Vlib expert available to help with your questions.

Service & Support

Our team expert gives satisfaction to our client with training, service maintains to software, technical support is provided at any time when the client needs.Vlib's main task is to provide the best services related to the software to their clients at any time.

Who includes in our service


The library is the central hub of the University which is to support and facilitate teaching, learning and research programs of the Institute.


The physical library may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit your work. Use digital media of the library.


Every person is limited in their ability to perform tasks so the use of Library management system is required.

Private sector

All students need to have equal access to the library and the services it provides so that private sectors are worked digital library management system.